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Insurance portal includes several advance features like as CRM, point-of-sale,

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ERP Provider into Several

Insurance portal includes several advance features like as CRM, point-of-sale,

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Created Several Milestones
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Created Several Milestones in Quality Delivery.

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Client value is a commitment to bring in ideas and recommendations that are in the client’s best interests, thus discharging our professional responsibilities in a manner that leads to long-term partnerships.

This means STARiENGINEERING always consider our customers’ perspective. The art of creating value starts with the ability to see our business through our client’s eyes. STARiENGINEERING is consistently working to improve customer satisfaction. Soliciting honest feedback through surveys on a regular basis allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of our customers’ needs.

STARiENGINEERING keep developing a memorable customer experience to achieve the extra mile. Businesses with unforgettable customer experiences are more likely to benefit from word-of-mouth referrals and higher retention rates.

Best Insurance Agency Software


Adventure Software

Adventure software finds the best adventure companies and stories for you to constantly remain equipped and inspired to travel the world. Our easy-to-use solutions include a comprehensive reservation, operations and management system, online booking through a virtual reservationist, an integrated client relationship management (CRM) system, rich marketing and automation tools including confirmable online quotes for guests, electronic waivers and automated emails to help you run a more effective, efficient and profitable business.

Insurance CRM Software

A insurance CRM software acts as an effective platform to automate a large share of your work, allowing you ample time to focus more on creating a positive customer experience. It organizes all your leads, maintains each customer’s history and past activity on a single platform, automates workflows, tracks opportunities, provides customized campaign features to cross-sell or upsell products and much more...

Insurance Broker/Aggregator Portal

Insurance broker provides premium calculator, product comparison, buy insurance by paying online for the available API. Fully customizable based on customers demand. Products and insurer based on customer contract only. Currently being developed for HDFC, Reliance, TATA, Leads Insurance and new quotes...

Automobile Showroom Software

This Package is designed for AUTOMOBILE Dealers covering various areas of Dealership like Vehicle Sales, Workshop, Spares, Warranty and Accounts & MIS with the theme of increasing the efficiency in operations...

Insurance MIS Software

Get your insurance MIS software developed by the industry leaders . Insurance Management System (MIS) Software is essential for the accurate maintenance of all insurance web aggregator, brokers or agents. Our insurance MIS software helps in boosting up speed to market by leveraging business rules for insurance product updates and allows a single view of all clients for total administrative support and risk exposure...

Hotel Rental Software

Hotel rental software is the solutions for hotels from mid-sized to large size properties to automate the entire gamut of Hotel operations with maximum ease. Software offers you to run your hotel operations efficiently. 550+ customers. Booking Engine. 24*7 Support. Channel Manager. Services: Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Hotel Mobile App...

We provide Automobile Showroom Software. If interested please contact us.

We provide Insurance MIS Software. If interested please contact us.

We provide Hotel Rental Software. If interested please contact us.

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