Insurance Broker Portal

Let's Join Hands with One of the Leading Player in Insurance Domain for Better Service and Ontime Delivery.
STARiENGINEERING never works as a Vendor Thoughts even Work as a Technical Partner Style to Generate more Revenue.

Insurance Broker Portal

STARiENGINEERING is leading player into developing Insurance Web Portal. We have the honour of Mobile Apps services of Web Broker/Aggregator/Agents. STARiENGINEERING has been deployed this web portal and mobile application to many leading Insurance Brokers, Aggregators and Agents in all across. Insurers rely on the Brokers, Aggregators, and Agents who play a vital role in the revenue generation model. STARiENGINEERING identifies all related the major and minor needs to provide an excellent insurance web portal that generate policy instanly and capture all the required information. Our insurance web portal is encrich with automation process with several advance features that offer best opportunity to generate more revenue apart from captive business. Our insurance web portal allows to handle client’s needs and monitor real time policies status. Portal is completely IRDA guideline based.

Insurance Web Portal Features

Some of the features of Insurance Web Portal are mentioned below:

Almost all Insurer's APIs are integrated in Insurance Web Portal

Portal Development Time is Zero

Portal includes Several Products, like as Private Car, Two Wheeler, Health,
Travel, PA, and Term Life

Mobile App for End User and Point-of-Sale

End-to-End Integration

Instant Policy Generation

Add-on Features

CRM Panel

Automation System

Real Time Data Monitoring

Strong Database Security

Point-of-Sale Feature

Cart Features

Dialler Integration with CRM Panel

Customer Panel to Download Generated Policies

Telecaller Panel

Business Intelligence System

Data Mining

Portal is Designed as per IRDAI Guidelines