STARiENGINEERING help retailers deliver great buying experiences to digital savvy customers. Operating in a niche market brings with it a number of challenges. Specialty Retailers must address issues such as efficient inventory management, complex supply chains, and competition with mass market retailers while simultaneously dealing with uncertain customer demands and increasing customer expectations. Remaining ahead in this hyper-competitive industry requires identification of emerging trends in consumer spending, a responsive and agile supply chain, and business processes that minimize waste and maximize profits. At STARiENGINEERING, we believe that winning competitive strategies are developed through a unique mix of out-of-the-box innovation, excellence in execution, and flexibility to deal with unforeseen challenges.

The retail industry is witnessing a paradigm shift. Rapidly evolving technologies, changing customer expectations, and emerging digital firms are driving widespread disruption. Clearly, from a plethora of new products, markets, and customer segments to the burgeoning expansion of sales and marketing channels (like mobile and social commerce), retail is at a tipping point. Customers are now demanding rich shopping experiences that are personalized, hyper-connected, and engaging.

Additionally, several forces are revolutionizing the landscape: the explosion of data and connected devices, software defined infrastructure, cloud enabled as-a-service and experience, and outcome-driven digital platforms. This makes it imperative for retailers to showcase agility in tech adoption and business process optimization.

Retailers worldwide are realizing that solving business challenges using traditional solutions needs a revisit with new-age retailing calling for superior, new, differentiated capabilities and dexterity. This can be realized by harnessing the power of data and re-imagining entire value chains through automation and intelligence, paving the way for an algorithmic enterprise that resonates with Business 4.0 behaviors of embracing risk, rehearsing the future, and, exploring un-chartered terrain for growth.

STARiENGINEERING enables retailers to boldly navigate the new digital age by transitioning from ‘traditional efficiency oriented solutions to business outcome oriented conversations’. Our collaborative model helps carve a successful path to enterprise modernization.