About Us

What we do


The aim of STARiENGINNERING is to create software for the customers to make the process of buying insurance and making claims easier. The company is devoted to enable customers to make their own insurance decisions and complete the entire process online through easy-to-operate steps. This online tech-savvy platform helps the customers in comparing, opting and managing policies by decrypting the satisfactory print; thus making the process fast, easy and hassle-free.

Travel and Hospitality

STARiENGINNERING provide solutions and services for the “travel, hospitality and Leisure industry”. Our software provide services include Air Transport, Hotel & Lodging, Resorts & Vacations, Car & Truck Rental, Travel Management & Services, Recreation & Leisure and Health & Wellness.


STARiENGINNERING delivers software solution for small, medium and large enterprises. The main purposes of using a software is to regulate pricing, calculate taxes, inventory management and manage POS, billing and payroll. CRM to support multi-channel retailing and retain customers. Retail accounting for inventory control, transaction monitoring and pricing. Order Management to keep the track of orders being made.


STARiENGINNERING provide automotive software help in maintaining the file records of automobile company. Software helps in fast track of sales and discounts in different locations.

Industrial manufacturing

STARiENGINNERING deliver solution to manufactured company provides functionality to plan and execute projects from beginning to end, while automating materials planning, production tracking and scheduling and product lifecycle management.

Financial services

STARiENGINEERING provide solution for the software include services like Lead management. Email campaigns. Drip marketing. Social marketing. Landing pages and web forms. SEO tools. A/B testing. Engagement tracking.


STARiENGINEERING deliver software to small, medium and big size hospital and Pharma Company. Software specially designed for hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare networks. We develop interoperable telehealth SaaS for video conferencing, sharing clinical data, and remotely monitoring patients among other features.

Media and Entertainment

STARiENGINNERING deliver software to solutions that provide easy access to book tickets and many other functionality of this area. Our company provide solutions to Web Portals/Applications, Salesforce Automation and Mobile Applications.

Our Team

Dushyant Singh

Co-Founder / Director

Mr. Dushyant Singh, after obtaining his degree in Business Management from U.K. led the new and young management team of the group. He heads the Group’s policy and decision making body which formulates, executes and administers the long-term strategies for the smooth and mutually fruitful relationship management of the clients, investors and stakeholders. Mr. Singh is responsible for expanding the Group in its geographical reaches. His proactive and competitive values have been instrumental in establishing business leadership in the new customer driven scenario.

Rewat Singh

Co-Founder / Director

After completing his graduation in Business Management, Mr. Rewat Singh came on board and became a catalyst in bringing corporate culture in the group resulting in rapid expansion and diversifying the portfolio. With a strong acumen in core management and a flair for administrating , he formulates the overall strategy for sales and revenue growth across all verticals. His main focus is in developing policies, business models and implementing business change programs and systems. His striking approach towards financing solutions has played a major role in the improvement of business performance and has generated big revenues.

Kavindra Kumar Singh

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

At We feel that customer is the cornerstone of any successful business. Our company culture is based around placing our clients’ needs first and at the same time offering a superior customer experience. We have a passion for excellence and seek to add value and exceed expectations at every opportunity.